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#8 Aston Costa Verde Beach Resort
#8 Aston Costa Verde Beach Resort
1262 reviews
not sure we'd go back
We went to Fiesta Americana on Wed February 11th - Wed February 18th in 2019 and had an amazing time and decided to go back the exact same week in 2020. We were disappointed this year. Here were the pros from last year: -weather (only rained one evening for about an hour) -food was excellent (for Cuba's standards) with fresh fruit everyday, a person available to make fresh smoothies, even options such as brie cheese were available -not crowded, don't have to get up early to save a chair by the pool/beach Cons from last year: -broken chairs (almost all of them have broken bases which make very uncomfortable for lounging) -very slow service at the snack bar -ran out of all bread throughout the hotel most days -we were in the main block which was really loud This year's pros: -weather - above 30 everyday, didn't see one drop of rain -got invited to a 'special dinner' one night with 8 others (4 couples) where we were served surf and turf in exchange for a review... -great spot -we were in block 17 which was (in our opinion), second best block. If we could choose, we'd request 16. closest block that is not right in the centre of the action. We don't like being a mile away but don't want to be right in the centre of the action kept up late from disco music, etc. This year's cons: -they brought in over 1,000 local cubans for Valentine's day (Friday) and Saturday. It was awful because that resort cannot handle that many guests. Not enough restaurants, not enough food, not enough toilet paper, not enough currency. Just plain awful. Every food lineup was hours long. They ran out of most of the food at every restaurant (imagine going to an italian restaurant and being offered penne noodles with white sauce and no meat as the ONLY thing left on the menu). Many of the Cubans were rude and would quite literally push you out of the way and butt right in front of you in lines. Huge disaster. -currency was always out at the hotel. they wouldn't break large bills into smaller ones so we tipped a few times and then stopped tipping until they'd break our bills (tried 3 days in a row before they finally had smaller money) -the above mentioned problem trickled into everything else.... toilet paper was always out, food was always out, etc -almost every lounger is broken and uncomfortable. we got up super early to reserve 2 of the 5 good ones around the main pool Still a cheap trip with great weather if you can let go of the anger you face trying to line up for a simple drink or coffee. And if you're ok for a couple days standing in line for an hour before getting seated at a restaurant.

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